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Feeding for $15 is a humanitarian effort run by the Members of the ACT 20 22 CLUB OF PUERTO RICO after the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

As an effort to help the communities impacted by the hurricanes, the Club members donated funds to provide immediate food and hygiene products to the community in the mountain town of Rio Prieto, in the municipality of Yauco.

We are thankful to the town and its families for receiving us warmly and accepting our help.

We also extend our thanks to the Governor and his office, DDEC and its staff, our Committee and Members for supporting the Club and its activities.

With our members support, we continue to play a big part in the recovery of the local towns of our newly adopted home. Our focus is to be a part of the rebuilding and future of Puerto Rico.

Volunteers who have contributed their time and effort to make this project a success :
- Victor Roffe
- Rebecca Zilenziger
- Manuel Dox
- Mirrea Casamitjana
- Yehudah Rose

We would also like to thank Photographer Rebecca Zilenziger who donated her time for this project. Her website is Her studio is located in beautiful Old San Juan. The beauty and spirit of true Puertoricans,in spite of all troubles, are captured by her work.

Rebecca Zilenziger - Photographer Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Rebecca Zilenziger is a Portrait Photographer based in Puerto Rico, Old San Juan. Also focused on Pregnancy photography, headshots, weddings and photographs of your pets.

If you would like to get involved with the project and help give hope to families in need, please contact us at


A humanitarian effort in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.


THE ACT 2022 CLUB OF PR sends aid to the community located in the mountainous terrain of south west Puerto Rico.

This families have habitated the lands long before the discovery of Puerto Rico





** Each CARE Package contained:

1) Tuna.
2) Ultra pastured milk.
3) Canned beans.
4) Peanut butter.
5) Canned chicken soup
6) Rice.
7) Energy bars/granola bars.
8) Bread


The municipality of Yauco is divided into 20 neighborhoods and Yauco Pueblo , the administrative center and main town of the municipality. Rio Prieto is a town in this municipality.

The municipality has been distinguished by the agricultural production of minor fruits, especially in the coffee cultivation. The coffee grown in the mountains of Yauco, has validated great attributes such as "the best aromatic coffee in the world". This is why Yauco is known as the Coffee People. Historians and economists say that the best coffee was exported from Yauco to the Vatican.

The town of Yauco has always had a long commercial tradition. Fray Inigo Abbad y Lasierra (1745-1813), born in Estadilla, Spain, was a Benedictine monk and the first historian to extensively document Puerto Rico's history, nationality, and culture. He pointed out that by 1776, the people of Yauco had traded their agricultural products, woods, with the neighboring islands, exchanging them for clothing.

We look forward to building this relationship.

Church in the square of Yauco Pueblo

1) Club Member Bruce Deichl is running the following project: FUNDACION BANCO POPULAR 100% goes to PR Relief as Bank pays all admin fees.

2) Club Member Christian Friedland is running the following project:

3) AT&T Corporate office has also approached us regarding availability of apartments as well. The Club Admin is working with them to coordinate housing for their employees.

4) Club Member Yehudah Rose is working on coordinating housing for Relief Groups who need space to live. Please Contact us if you have space available for Volunteers to use while they help out during this emergency.